"Wherever the art of medicine is revered, there is also a love of humanity."  --Hippocrates

I have tremendous respect for the contemporary medicine.  New advancements are created every day that saves lives!  However, as technology pushes us toward greater and greater discoveries, some of the old fashioned doctor-patient relationships are being lost.

Because of this, many people are adding traditional medicine back into their lives.  Here, we create personable one-on-one relationships.  We treat holistically--including diet, lifestyle, mental well being, etc.--because we have the time.  Best of all, the side effects of acupuncture are often improved sleep; less pain, stress & anxiety;  better circulation; and sometimes even looking younger as a result.  (Can't beat that!)

And if allopathic (or Western) medicine is required, being integrative practitioners, we have the training to refer to specialists or work with our patient's medical doctors in an effort to provide them with the best overall care.

In the end, we all have the same goals: the health and vitality of our patients!

 Dr. Nisan Cerami, DAOM, LAc.



Dr. Nisan Cerami, DAOM, LAc.
Integrative Medicine

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Acupuncture isn't just for pain.
From anxiety, depression, insomnia...
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