Acupuncture & Fertility

Sometimes it's difficult for me to leave my job in the office.  I've found this has both benefits and draw backs.  This story illustrates the benefits.

A few years ago, I went to dinner with an old friend.  I made some observations during the course of the meal.  Near the end of the evening, she told me that she and her husband were trying for a baby.

"But you're not having any success?"

"Yes."  She looked puzzled.  "How did you know?"

I mentioned a few of the observations to her and handed her my card.  "If you're willing to make a few lifestyle changes, I can help."  I know she was a bit skeptical at first, but she came and sought treatment... and today, her daughter is nearly a year old.

Don't you love happy endings?

  • Title  Does Acupuncture For Fertility Work
  • Source  Parents Magazine
  • Date  2013
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In presenting my supporters, I think I should also address some of the nay sayers.

"In a review of 16 independent studies involving more than 4,000 women, the researchers found that acupuncture had no benefit for patients who had visited IVF clinics with a history of higher-than-average pregnancy success rates. Acupuncture did increase the pregnancy rate, however, for patients at below-average IVF clinics."

Since success rate is largely what attracts women to these clinics, some will turn away women depending on their age or how their test results read.  By treating only women with a high likelihood of becoming pregnant, they guarantee a high success rate.  

So, it is therefore unremarkable that the success rate is largely unchanged by including acupuncture.

However, it is remarkable that clinics who turn fewer patients away (and thus have a lower success rate) improve their ratings by including acupuncture.

This is my opinion, of course.

  • Title  Can Acupuncture Help Women Get Pregnant?
  • Source  Live Science
  • Date  July 9, 2013
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Acupuncture Helping Reduce Use of Pain Killers

I never thought my biggest ally would be the U.S. military.

The first time I heard about military becoming one of the biggest advocates for acupuncture research in this country was while watching the documentary, Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare (

A friend of mine's son returned home from Iraq severely suffering from PTSD.  I know how ravaging this disorder can be.  After watching this documentary, I felt inspired to help.  

Recently, I contacted Port Hueneme Naval Base (which is much closer to me than Camp Pendleton) to see if I could volunteer my services.  I quickly befriended the base acupuncturist.  She not only told me about her own amazing success using auricular acupuncture, but also about how the military's use of battlefield acupuncture reduces the need for opiates, speeds healing time and results in less cases of PTSD.

I cannot express to you how much I love acupuncture.