We are more than the sum of our parts.  With each heartbeat, there is an electrical exchange between the heart muscle and brain.  With each heartbeat, blood purified by the liver and kidneys and carrying oxygen and nutrients provided by the lungs and digestive tract is pumped throughout the entire body.  Our blood vessels are highways for hormones, for red and white blood cells, for plasma and cellular waste.  Our heart rate and blood pressure reacts to love, to stress, to pain, to prayer or meditation, to emotional changes...  
So, how do we treat heart disease?

Integrative Medicine treats the entire person.  It examines each component and its contribution to the whole.  It addresses lifestyle and environment, spirituality and physical activity as well as examing x-rays, blood tests and MRIs.  Practitioners work hand-in-hand with MDs, surgeons, psychologists, chiropracters, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc. in order to provide the best overall healthcare available and give their patients a better piece of mind.

What inspired me to become a practitioner is its complexity.  Integrative Medicine brings together knowledge cultivated over centuries (in the practices of acupuncture, of traditional herbal medicine, meditation and nutrition) and combines it with current research and cutting edge technology.  It knits together science and art, data and intuition. 

--Nisan S. Cerami, L.Ac., MSTOM